How custody modifications help fathers in Indiana

by | Dec 14, 2021 | Fathers' Rights | 0 comments

Divorce often blindsides men. They think that if they keep working a job that they and their spouse will get through a rocky time and recover. Their spouse may have different ideas and could file for divorce with little warning.

The emotional responses that men have to divorce often include depression and even short-term substance abuse. The sad truth is that the way you respond emotionally to the early stages of divorce could have a lasting impact on the relationship you have with your children.

The Indiana family courts might limit your parental rights and parenting time if they agree with your ex that you seem dangerous, unfit or unstable. The good news is that custody modifications are useful tools for fathers who have improved their situations after divorce.

Indiana lets fathers request more parenting time

The difficult emotions you experienced during and right after your divorce will fade with time. Once you regain control over your living circumstances, go see a therapist or start substance abuse counseling, you may start wondering when you can see your children more frequently.

After you have demonstrated your commitment to improvement and made changes to your daily life and living circumstances, you could request a custody modification. Provided that you can show how you have addressed the issues that led to the courts minimizing your parenting time, you can ask a judge to increase how much time you have with your children.

Modifications can involve an agreement or litigation

If your ex agrees that you have made positive changes, they may support you, allowing you to file an uncontested modification. Even if they fight against your request, a contested modification is still an option. A judge can look at your circumstances and determine if more parenting time for you would be good for the kids.

Custody arrangements should change when family circumstances do. The initial custody order is not a permanent limitation on your access to and relationship with your children. It is merely a reflection of what was the best solution at the time of your divorce.

Now that your circumstances have changed, you are in a better position to play an active role in your children’s lives. Seeking a custody modification can help you rebuild your relationship with your children after a divorce.