How To Get A Legal Separation In Indiana

All spouses have their differences and sometimes it is these very differences that cause a significant level of discord in the relationship. When this is the case, it can be very beneficial to consider a legal separation. Legal separations allow spouses to think about the marriage without the influence of one another.

If you believe that a legal separation may currently be the best solution for your marriage, an Indianapolis divorce attorney can work with you to explain the various ins and outs of the process. With the assistance of the firms compassionate and trusted family lawyer, you can secure the best resolution for your future.

How Does Legal Separation Work?

A legal separation is very different from a divorce in the sense that it is temporary and lasts only one year. If a couple is unsure about their desires to remain married, a legal separation allows them to live apart and consider such a momentous decision individually.

In order to qualify for a legal separation, at least one spouse must be a resident of Indiana for at least six months. After filing the necessary papers, a judge will then grant the separation, which lasts no longer than one year. During this time, counseling may be requested by one or both spouses as a means of reconciling the marriage.

Legal separations are also used as a time to consider ones assets, as well as the possession of any property and the matter of child custody and support. Should you pursue a divorce after your legal separation, it is worthwhile to have these conditions established ahead of time.

Why Do I Need An Attorney?

Since a legal separation is temporary, you may not see the need for an attorney throughout the process. However, the perspective and guidance of an outside party may be what you need to determine the best solution for your future. An Indianapolis divorce attorney can help you navigate what has the potential to be a difficult time.

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