Is Mediation An Option?

You and your spouse have decided to end the marriage. You believe you can reach agreements on matters such as dividing property and child custody. You worry that an overly aggressive attorney will become involved and how that might affect the outcome. It’s important to know there is another option.

A less contentious way to dissolve your marriage and distribute your assets and debts is through mediation. Mediation offers many benefits, including cost savings and more control.

Save Time And Stress

Rather than each individual spending money on an attorney, a mediator can sit down with both of you and help you come to agreements on child custody, spousal support, division of assets and other items that need resolution. Often, this can be done in a more efficient manner than a contested divorce, which also saves you money on hourly lawyer fees.

If the two of you can communicate and sit down together to work out agreements, the mediation setting allows for less stress and animosity.

Stay In Control

A successful mediation keeps control of divorce matters with you and your spouse. If you and your spouse cannot agree and your case goes in front of a judge, you are no longer in control of the outcome of the situation.

If you have an uncontested divorce, mediation may work for you and your spouse.

Indiana law requires that family law mediators receive special training. I am Cindy L. Kenworthy, P.C., an Indianapolis divorce attorney who is registered as a family law mediator, having resolved numerous cases throughout the years. If mediation does not sound right for you, we also can represent you in divorce proceedings.

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