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How does my spouse learn that I have filed to dissolve our marriage?

Once the Petition For Dissolution of Marriage is filed with the Clerk of the Court, your spouse must be served a copy of the pleadings. Service may be accomplished by certified mail – return receipt requested, civil sheriff, private process server, publication or waiver of summons, depending on your situation.

What is the purpose of a preliminary hearing?

The law requires that a Petition For Dissolution of Marriage must be on file with the Clerk of the Court for sixty (60) days before the action may be finalized. In almost all dissolution of marriage cases, far more time than sixty (60) days will pass before the marriage is dissolved. During the interim, children still need to be fed and bills still need to be paid; a preliminary order or a written, court approved preliminary agreement will allow for temporary relief. When a Decree of Dissolution is issued, the preliminary order/agreement is extinguished.

Am I required to attend a class in order to dissolve my marriage?

Almost all Indiana courts require parties in a dissolution of marriage action who have minor children to attend a seminar. In Marion County that seminar is conducted by the Visiting Nurse Services, Inc., and each party must pay a fee to attend. The seminar lasts approximately four (4) hours.

Child Custody

How can I “prove” what activities I do with my child?

Keep a calendar of your activities. You may wish to print a monthly block calendar from one of the free Internet sites and very briefly state what you did with your child. The entry must be made at or near the time the event occurred. In addition, you may want to keep the calendar away from home and some place safe from prying eyes.

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