A Trusted Attorney For Family Law Matters Involving Same-Sex Couples

Individuals in a same-sex relationship need to feel comfortable with their attorney when they need legal guidance. They need to trust that their attorney is sensitive to their unique needs and how the court will address their concerns.

When same-sex couples decide to end their marriage or relationship, they also need a lawyer who understands the extra layers of legal complications involved. I have more than 30 years of experience in Indiana family law and divorce. I have experience helping same-sex couples navigate family law problems.

I understands that these matters are sensitive and need not only skill and discretion, but compassion also. I aim to protect your interests and rights by providing high-quality, individualized representation.

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Same-Sex Divorce And Child Custody

When you and your partner decide to end your marriage or your relationship, you are faced with a lot of questions and also a lot of fears. If you have children, your biggest concern may be whether the law will be on your side regarding custody.

I have helped individuals in complicated situations involving child custody. I strive to protect your rights and your interests, working toward your desired outcome.

Some courts can be very unfair to parents in your situation. You need a lawyer who not only has decades of experience, but the ability to have creative, out-of-the box thinking when it comes to arguing for your rights.

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