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As a family law attorney, I understand that any legal issue involving you and your family evokes strong emotions. You need compassionate and competent legal representation from a knowledgeable attorney to achieve the best possible results. I am committed to minimizing the stress of any family law issues. When you choose Cindy L. Kenworthy, P.C., you can be confident our Indianapolis family law attorney will bring substantial resources, dedication, and discretion. 

What is Family Law? 

Family law encompasses any legal issue related to family relationships, including divorce, paternity, custody, child support, and more. Family law cases are incredibly emotional, especially when your children are involved. That is why you need dedicated and experienced my legal representation.  

How Cindy L. Kenworthy, P.C. Can Help

You may be wondering, “What do family law attorneys do?” Cindy L. Kenworthy, P.C. handles many types of family law cases, including:

Child Support 

indiana law familyIndiana law determines how much each parent must contribute for the support of their children. There are still times when you need legal representation to help you navigate the process. There are also times when the paying parent, whether you or your former partner, may decide to contest the child support amount.

Child support isn’t always static and not everyone pays the same amount of child support. Numerous factors must be considered when determining how much child support should be paid. Additionally, over time things change and a modification of child support may be needed. One parent might lose their job, get a new one, or have an income change for another reason. Whether you’re seeking a child support change, or your former spouse isn’t paying their fair share, Cindy L. Kenworthy, P.C. can help you receive the appropriate amount of child support. 

Child Custody 

family law attorney indianaDivorce can be difficult for children. As a parent, you don’t want your children to suffer through a protracted legal process. When entering a child custody dispute, it is important to recognize that there are different types of child custody.  I will help you navigate through the statutory factors and governing case law factors that must be considered when determining which parent should have custody.  

Like child support, at some point your child custody arrangement may need to be modified. By way of illustration, you or your former spouse may move your residence and as a result, your children’s school district may change. Any change in someone’s living situation can make it challenging for a noncustodial parent to spend time with their child and those challenges may warrant a modification of custody. Cindy L. Kenworthy, P.C. is a child custody law firm that can help you through the complicated child custody process. 


Under Indiana law, if a married woman has a baby, her husband is the presumed biological father of the child. However, things become more complicated if the husband isn’t the biological father.  If the parents are not married, the law is also complicated. With the case of unmarried couples, either parent may file to determine the issues of paternity, custody, child support, parenting time, health insurance, and other issues. An Indianapolis family law attorney can walk with you through the process, providing the legal representations you need.  

Divorce (Dissolution of Marriage)

emotional casesMoving through a divorce is incredibly emotional and stressful. Although in Indiana dissolving your marriage is termed a dissolution of marriage, we simply refer to the action as a divorce.  Indiana is a no-fault dissolution state, meaning Indiana does not require a spouse to prove adultery or any other type of fault to obtain a divorce. The most common ground cited in any dissolution is an irretrievable breakdown.  After a dissolution is filed, issues such as the division of assets, parental rights, custody, and spousal support. Seek legal counsel quickly if you are going through a divorce. Choosing the right divorce attorney is crucial. You’re likely to share some very personal information with them. Cindy L. Kenworthy, P.C. can help minimize unnecessary stress in an already difficult situation. I will guide you through every step of the legal process – and even provide some handholding along the way.

Legal Separation 

Whether it be for religious beliefs or the hope of reconciliation, for some couples, a divorce is too final. Those couples may prefer a legal separation to allow the time and space needed to determine the next steps.  A legal separation will allow you to stay married but live separate lives. However, a legal separation only lasts one year and can be converted by either party into a divorce. I can help you decide if a legal separation is available for you. 


mediationThe Courts recognize that not all family law cases need to be tried in a court of law.  As a rule, most courts will order parties to mediation if requested to do so or if more than two hours of court time will be needed.  Mediation is far less contentious than a atrial and can facilitate conversation and resolution. Mediation does not require that any agreements be reached.  Agreements on all or some issues, or no issues at all are possible. A family law attorney will prepare you for mediation, guide you through negotiations, and reviews agreements.  

Same-Sex Divorce

same sex couplesSince the United States Supreme Court’s landmark decision in 2015, same-sex couples have had the same marital rights as opposite-sex couples. LGBTQ family law calls for an attorney knowledgeable about the unique aspects of same-sex relationships and their families. That is where Cindy L. Kenworthy, P.C. comes in. I can address same-sex family law legal issues facing same-sex couples, including, among other issues, divorce, marriage, child support, and custody. 

How Do I Know if I Need a Family Law Attorney? 

An Indianapolis family law attorney will step in during some of the most challenging, emotional life events. They specialize in protecting the rights of their clients and resolving disputes as swiftly as possible. If you’re involved in a family legal issue, speak with a lawyer. You need a trusted family law attorney to help you through complicated family law decisions. Engaging legal representation as early as possible can prevent a drawn-out court case and unnecessary distress for you.

How Can an Indiana Family Law Attorney Help Me?

Cindy L. Kenworthy, P.C. provides legal support in the most personal, life-changing events. The services include:  

  • Consultation and expert legal advice on all family law issues
  • Mediation coordination 
  • Preparing documents
  • Court filings 
  • Trial preparation
  • Trial work

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Cindy L. Kenworthy, P.C.: Protecting Your Rights

Choosing the right family lawyer can have a major impact on your family. Whether seeking advice or comprehensive legal services, you deserve empathetic, thorough, competent and experienced representation. I know that every case is different, and that is why I provide personalized service for each client every step of the way. Contact me, and as your champion, I will listen carefully to your concerns and needs and fight for your best interests. Reach out for a consultation or give the firm a call today at 317-516-0515