Establishing Paternity, Parenting Time And Child Support

Regardless of marital status, each parent has certain responsibilities that they must fulfill when a child is born. If the parents are not married, or if the mother is uncertain about the identity of the child’s father, a paternity case may be brought to help to legally determine the identity of the father. In this process, a DNA test, which confirms or denies paternity, may be ordered. You may also want to ask for a paternity test if you believe the child is yours and wish to have certain custody and visitation rights.

Establishing the paternity of your child in Indiana with the help of a lawyer is important for many reasons, including:

  • Determining who will be financially responsible for the child’s upbringing, helping to secure your child’s future.
  • Providing access to essential family medical history, which can be important for preventative medical care.
  • If you are the confirmed parent of the child, you can legally request parenting time with your child, making sure you can build a healthy relationship with him or her.
  • As the legal parent of the child, you can provide access to health care or insurance.

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