Will Indiana Child Support Continue Through the College Years?

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Divorce can make paying for college difficult, even when a couple follows the court-ordered Indiana child support guidelines.

Even in amicable separations, you’ll have to address the Indiana regulations, forms, and complex rules related to how long parents are required to pay child support.

Indiana Court Ordered Child Support

child supportChild support orders insist parents provide for the physical necessities of their children until they become legal adults. Sometimes, a child reaches adulthood before they finish high school, which is one reason why Indiana law on child support often doesn’t end right at the 18th birthday of a child.

When it comes to college, parental contributions are typically necessary for students to avoid costly loans.

It’s important to note most teenagers won’t have the income or resources to fund their college education unless they receive substantial scholarship resources. However, parents don’t automatically have a requirement to cover the cost of college or necessities like they generally do during their high school years.

The child support guidelines in Indiana allow a custodial parent supporting a child enrolled in college to ask for the non-custodial parent to pay child support.

However, ordered child support will likely fall below the necessary amount to cover tuition costs. You can estimate the amount of support you will receive when your child heads off to college by reviewing the Indiana child support guidelines and forms on the IN.gov website.

The legal system, guidelines, and forms are complex so feel free to request a free consultation and let us evaluate what each party will be responsible for when your child heads off to college.

Parties willing to negotiate an agreement outside of court may find a better solution for protecting your children.

Be sure to consult an attorney to make sure legal forms are completed that make sure child support enforcement will be backed by an Indiana court.

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How Child Support Payments From a Non-Custodial Parent Help College Students

child supportChild support for a college student forms a solid financial foundation where they don’t have to worry about missing tuition or housing payments.

Child support can account for textbooks, housing, and other essential costs, alleviating the strain on the student’s budget.

This support helps address the rising cost of living in college communities and university tuition. It improves access to education and enables students to focus more on their studies and less on financial concerns.

child support Reliable income from child support payments is a major determinant in a student’s pursuit of their academic goals without unnecessary hurdles. Stable income helps families address the risk of financial crisis.

How Cindy L. Kenworthy, P.C. Can Help

You and your ex can negotiate your settlement in a pending divorce. You can make arrangements that are as unique as your family situation.

Agreeing in writing to a certain amount of cost-sharing payments or contributing to college costs creates a fair solution that balances what the parents can afford to pay and the financial support system their children need.

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