Furry Friends Of The Firm

Butch the dog playing Scrabble

It was an emergency circumstance that brought me with my first Bullmastiff.

After a friend’s house caught fire, I offered to take in her Bullmastiff, Butch. The arrangement was only supposed to be temporary. But Butch soon felt right at home (check out the photo above that was not staged. He did that all on his own).

The bond was clear. When my friend remedied her living situation, she knew what was meant to be. I graciously accepted her offer to keep Butch.

Although I have always been a dog lover, Bullmastiffs hold a special place in my heart.

While all animal rescue groups face challenges, large breed dogs can be particularly difficult to place in adoptive homes. There are space concerns, the need for knowledge of the breed and the high cost of vet care for the complexity of heath issues that Bullmastiffs face.

A few years ago, I adopted another Bullmastiff, this one named Paxton, who has shown me every bit of love and dedication that Butch did during his life.

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