Child Support And The Costs Of College

Cindy L. Kenworthy, P.C., is an Indianapolis-based family law firm. If you are seeking child support for your son or daughter’s post-secondary expenses, I can help. I have more than 30 years of experience. If you are seeking a modification of child support based on your son or daughter’s refusal to have a relationship with you, we can help you understand your legal options.

When a parent pays child support, that financial responsibility may include the cost of college or other post-secondary education. The order for child support of this nature can extend past 19, the age that child support usually stops.

How Repudiation Can Affect Child Support For College Costs

In recent years, the Indiana Court of Appeals has ruled on the issue of higher education costs and repudiation. When a child rejects a relationship with a mother or father and has no contact with him or her, that parent may not have to pay for college expenses.

If you are wondering what kind of options you have for child support now that your child is out of high school, we can help. In addition, the child now living in a dorm instead of at home also can affect the amount of child support owed.

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